Turbulent: a concept lighting project for the New York office of OCHRE, an interior design firm.

Constructed of wood, patinated brass, and resin, harmony between the materials has been achieved through form and colour analyses. Light within the structure emphasises the depth of the patterns within the resin. The turbulent lighting series offers customers a handmade and unique item which sits in well within the OCHRE range.

Initially, tests were conducted to produce an asymmetric resin to wood joint, a product that was completely unique and difficult for competitors to copy due to its complex manufacturing process. However, the labour intensive method proved too costly for the company, and instead proved to be an informative concept piece for the continuation of the project.

Finishing swatches were presented to aid the company in viewing the potential aesthetic combinations; acting not only as a communicator, but informing my design process. Resin swatches were made with different dyes, dying methods and chemicals, metal swatches were made with different chemical patina treatments, hot & cold working and finishing sprays/waxes.

Various pigments were used in order to perfect the mixing technique.